To Live And Die Alone - Corezine (Sweden) 9 of 10
“Hardcore as it should be played” – that´s what Meleeh have been embracing the last 6 years of their existence and till this very day they are still holding on to that statement like it was a matter of life or death. They are a hardworking band whose goal always has been to have albums that measure up to their live sound. Their albums are a bit political and sadden but also sore and tender to give their own persona to the music they create.

As for the upcoming 3rd album called “To live and die alone” on Black Star Foundation nothing much has changed, except for this album they have grown a bit. They have raised the bar to a level that they control very well and giving Fredrik Gillhagen a chance to shine on his drums. The drums are the center of this album but the melodic guitar sound is a crushing factor why “To live and die alone” is Meleeh´s best work to date. Remember I said they´ve grown? This is where they have grown, on this specific area they have improved massively and you can tell they are more confident in their making of the music and it give us the listener an experience out of the ordinary.

Lyrically speaking, this album might be the darkest one so far. It´s an album describing in detail how the pain is eating you up from the inside and making you carry this burden so heavy that no man can carry. It´s about being all alone in this world and everyone has abandon you. “Hatred has conquered it will not sleep. Life demise forever pierced through me” that´s two sentences from the 3rd track called “What I carry on every heartbeat” and it´s my absolute favorite. The song itself is pretty dark but the melodic guitars makes it even darker. It´s perfect in every aspect from the vocals by Thomas Florén to the drums. It´s one of those songs that just clicks right away. It´s a song with the heaviest sound mixed with the finest guitar lines you could imagine and on top of that you have the chaotic vocals, whichs adds up to be a perfect song.

But as from the rest of the album it might take you some time before it will click for you, it´s an album that you need to pay attention to as it has a lot of emotions going on and could be hard to bring it all in. But, once all the emotions reached your soul there’s no going back, you will be hooked forever. If you want to understand why they chose their album title “To live and die alone” you need to check out the middle and last track, which carries the titles of the album.

Meleeh´s “To live and die alone” is in stores 24th of February, buy it. This is really how hardcore should be played.
- Jimmie Bengtsson

To Live And Die Alone - Asice (Netherlands) 4 of 5
The previous album ´Heartland´ was an emotional and aggressive screamo album that never sounded outdated or as a copy of the settled ones. Two years later Swedish Meleeh returns with ´To Live and Die Alone´. The material is more to the point and even catchier than the last effort.

Sometimes the band reminds me of the French band Celeste, both are playing intense emotional hardcore, except for the Black Metal influences that Meleeh doesn´t have. Due to the melodies in the material ("Panegyric") and the voice of vocalist Thomas Florén I also thought of the old Greyline sound. His voice is vicious and so is the razor-sharp production of the third Meleeh album. Magnus Lindberg (drummer of Cult of Luna) made the perfect sound in his studio for Meleeh´s songs. The drums sound as organic as on the latest Cult of Luna albums and the noisy, rough production is never overdone.

After the intro “Marmaverken” the song “Vowbreaker” is the best way to really catch the attention. They are furious in this track, later on they are a bit calmer with the typical Meleeh guitar melodies in “What I carry with every Heartbeat” and the mid-tempo “To Live Alone”. Next up “Trauma” is another fast one. The only downside is the nasal speaking at the end of “Thorns for Flowers”; but it only lasts for thirty seconds so I will overlook this one. Next month they are on tour in Europe but they won´t play the Netherlands. If you want to catch them you can see them a couple of times in Belgium or in Germany.
- Maurice

Heartland - Rocksound (England) 8 of 10
Given that Meleeh hail from Sweden, a nation that has an almost flawless record on its punk rock exports, it would be a bit underwhelming if they blotted the copy book. Unsurprisingly they do anything but with this cracking second album. ´Heartland`is a great melodic hardcore record, one to which you can attribute the term screamo without feeling dirty. They rarely opt for clichés and troughout resist the temptation to throw in the cleanvocals chorus you might expect. Instead frontman Thomas tears his larynx to shreds throughout, but always carrying a tune in the likes of ´Calathea´and ´Vittra´, while the instrumental respite of ´Love is dead´is perfectly placed. Highly recommended.
- Tim Newbound

Heartland - Slavestate (Sverige) 4 of 5
Min vän Bea skrev i en recension angående Meleehs förra platta att hon tyckte om sättet bandet berör henne på. Det är ungefär det enda jag på rak arm kan komma på att vi båda tycker om, men om de berört oss på samma sätt har jag ingen aning om. Sättet Meleeh berör mig på får mig hur som helst att ungefär tusen gånger hellre vilja skalla mina vinröda väggar ännu rödare, istället för att sitta ner och försöka beskriva känslan ”Heartland” ger mig i ord. Vad det handlar om är ren och skär desperation, och om ni tror att ni vet vad emo är har ni aldrig hört Meleeh. Det här, mina vänner, är ren och skär emotionell musik- eller nej förresten, vad Meleeh gör är inte musik. Det är konst.
- Michael Porali

Another low, a new hollow - Groove (Sverige)
När Gävlebandet debuterar med Another Low a New Hollow sker det med stort själv-förtroende och killarna har all anledning att vara stolta över sitt verk. Grunden är stenhård hardcore i stil med galningarna i The Blood Brothers. Sången gör stundtals ont att lyssna på, det liksom skär i mina egna stämband när sångaren vrålar.
Trots den betonghårda utgångspunkten och dödsskriken vågar kvintetten ge sig ut på sidovägar där det ibland blir riktigt lugna vågor med smekande syntslingor och på sina håll nästan psykedeliskt.
-Andreas Eriksson

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