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1. Where, when and why did you start Black star foundation?
The label got started in 1999 by me myself alone, I used to work as a mailman here in Malmö basically like 10 hours a day or even more and i did not use that all money so I had some extra cash ( I am sxe so i do not party up all money on beer&cigarettes you know, eh). And i have always been playing in bands that released their own demotapes, and the records we later released were all on smaller d.i.y labels and I really liked, respected and understood how important the work they did were for us as a band. So when I felt that there was not that many good d.i.y labels in Sweden for the music I liked at that moment I decided to use that extra cash I got to release the first Modesty 7". And since that one went good I felt like I would like to continue with this as long as the label will break even financially, still I have not got back those 550$ from the first 7" we did, have not earned a penny, but still there is something named Passion that keeps this alive, and some memories from making this label is worth more than all money in the whole world.

2. How do you mean that this is a punk label? Tiger lou and Jettie aint that punk.
Hmm I definately see this label as a punk label since the people behind it are really punk to me and most uf us are really politically involved and so on, most of the bands too, even if they do not all play in so called "crust" punk bands. Most common to me is that many of the people really looking like they are politically active are not. And hey... what is punk? In my world a fiddleplayer can be much more punk than any d-beatband. And who is to categorize whose definition to follow?
This label is based on d.i.y grounds, and we try to be as fair as possible, both to the bands on the label and to people buying our records.s

3. If my band sends you a Demo, will you listen to it?
Yes of course, we listen to all demos, and mostly we try to send the band an e-mail about what we thought about their music. Please understand that most of our days are filled with tons of work and answering bands what we think about their demo cdrs or mp3s are mostly not high up on the priority list.

Mostly we do not release any bands because we got their demo. we mainly release bands that we know from before, met in real life so that we know the people behind the band and that they know us too. We also consider politics within the band and the lyrics equal important as the music, therefor We find it important to meet the people from the band so they really are what they are attending to. But yes if we find your demo interesting we will write you and tell you so, and maybe we can work something out in the future.
Please notice that we are mostly only interested in hard working and touring bands & artists!

4. Can I order your releases and pay so called Wholesaleprice?
Yes that is possible, if you order more than 3 copies of one record, or if you order records to your distro each record will be for wholesaleprice. E-mail us and we´ll work something out!

5. Do you trade records?
Yes and No. Not via post, because the postage prices became so expensive here, but if I meet you on tour we will gladly trade some records with you.

6. Where can I find your releases?
Scandinavia - SoundPollution
Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Cargo
Great Britain - Code7Music and Plastic Head
France - Season of mist &Les Independants and Send the wood
Rest of Europe - Cargo

7. Can I book one of your bands?
Yes, sure.
Send us an email and we will take it from there

8. Will you book a show for our band?
No! Been trying to book shows for years and years, Sweden is difficult for booking shows and we would rather put all our energy to run this label properly.


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