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Releases on Black star Foundation
No Area, No Criminals (CD 2009)

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Atlas losing grip

Atlas Losing Grip is a Swedish punk rock / melodic hardcore band formed
in Lund in 2005.
The band is fronted by Rodrigo Alfaro (Satanic Surfers, Venerea) whose
well-known voice feels more sincere than ever.
They have released one full length (‘Shut the World Out’) in 2008 and a
MCD (‘Watching the Horizon’) in 2009, both receiving great reviews from
every corner of the globe.
They have toured all of over Europe numerous times and supported Bad
Religion on their Scandinavian tour in the summer of 2010.
The music can best be described as classic melodic punk rock with a diverse
range of influences that takes the listener through shredding fast sections,
catchy midtempo singalongs and heavier hardcore-ish stuff, all with political
and personal lyrics, sung straight from the heart.

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Declan de Barra

The man with the big big voice.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
A fire to scare the sun CD (2008)

Other Releases:
Song of a Thousand Birds (Translation loss)

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Holmes from VĂ€nersborg in Sweden plays the most amazing County/Indie pop you can imagine. These youngsters often get compared with bands like Washington and Canadian band the Weakerthans.
With accordion, violin and steel-guitars, a singer with a voice sounding like Neil Young and lyrics dealing with topics as the “Late show with David Letterman” Holmes delivers something sure extraordinary.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Wolves CD (2008)
Storm EP (2008)

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Formed in late 2006 Jesaiah have not only already been playing the
bigger key festivals of their genre, gotten interviewed and spotlighted in the bigger Swedish music magazines. They have also developed and
created an unique hybrid between Hardcore and extreme Metal.
The guitars are violated, they whistle and scream begging for help. But
maybe this is what keeps them so good...
...Their more mellow parts, have a sense of melody and atmospheres
added to them that make them more special and get out of the same
patterns all the time.
...Smart riffs, good ideas, brutal beatdowns and good mixture of the
best elements available....
...There’s a lot of potential here!

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Et Tu Hope (CD 2009)

Other Releases:
Burning Bridges Building Bunkers (Pretty dirty promotions)



800 kilometers apart. The two members of Jeudah, vocalist Jan JĂ€mte (also in Khoma) and instrumentalist Kristian Karlsson (also in pg.lost, ex-Eskju divine), hasn’t had that many chances to meet in person.
Instead the sound of Jeudah has been forged through a long-distance relationship built around countless of hours of talking and experimenting alone in front of microphones and amplifiers. The result is a sound that encompasses vulnerability, heaviness and epic soundscapes - all in a straightforward, melodic manner.
- When Kristian sent me a few songs 2008 I immediately felt there was a musical connection. Sometimes you don’t have to talk a lot, or spend hour after hour in a rehearsal room. You just hear it and know what to do. So I started to sing, says Jan. It was like opening a dam. During a couple of months 2008 Jeudah had written over 20 songs and in January the following year Jan and Kristian finally met to start the recording of the debut album While We Sleep. With the exception of Thomas Hedlund (also in Khoma, Cult of Luna, Perishers, Deportees etc. ) recording the drums the idea was to do as much as possible themselves, keeping interference to a minimum and to learn and grow in the process.
- We soon decided to keep guitars out of the music, says Kristian.
I think weÂŽve only used it in two songs, and there it just adds atmosphere. Both Khoma and P.G Lost are guitar-driven bands, and in Jeudah we wanted to try and experiment with other instruments to create new sounds and landscapes, without loosing the nerve or thunderous dynamics that guitars can bring.
A year later, late 2010, the album was done. Its been scheduled for release in June 2011 through Black Star Foundation.

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Lasse Fabel

Beat poetry in Swedish, therefor the profile is in Swedish! Lasse Fabel vistas pÄ smakrika beats. Med stora sleven blandar han dikter och rap i en beatpoesi med alla tiders egna flow. Texterna flyger in pÄ lÄg höjd och lovebombar för fulla muggar. Orden handlar om att smaka, om att sluta sluta och börja börja istÀllet. Hela tiden med extra allt. Alla beats Àr handplockade. Jimmy Ledrac ligger bakom de flesta, men Àven beats frÄn Aegiz, Simon Vikokel frÄn Svenska Akademien, Leaf och Magnus Tingsek. Oftast kör Lasse sjÀlv men ibland dyker gÀster som Promoe, Sture Allen dy, Shakti mfl upp. Lasse Fabel kan du se live mycket och ofta, han spelar varsomhelst bara det fins en mikrofon.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Idioten CD (2006)
Ordkanonbatteri CD (2005)

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Emo hardcore as it should be played! Meleeh comes from GĂ€vle in Sweden and shares the same driving energy as Children Of Fall. This is damn good music with a lot of different dynamics in it, good sociopolitical lyrics too!

Releases on Black star Foundation:
To live and die alone CD & LP (2010)
Heartland CD (2007)
Another new a new hollow CD (2005)

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Pg.Lost administrate an inheritance of a straight descending line from the early nineties shoegaze transformed into post-rock within the same decades progress in able to today, 2007, perfect in a rehearsalroom in Norrköping. Floating guitars, devastating rhythms and airy harmonies are mixed into a cascade of emotions that alternately whip and alternately caress the listener. No one is left unaffected by these gentlemenŽs congenial creations.

Pg.Lost is a four-piece band and shares members with Eskju Divine. Their instrumental music has recently been compared to great bands like Explosions In The Sky, Red Sparrowes and Mono.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
In Never Out CD (2009)
Its not me its you! (2008) (also available as LP from Cargo records)
Yes I am EP (2007)

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Suis la lune

Swedish band SUIS LA LUNE hailing from Stockholm and Gothenburg. Suis la lune has been around since 2005 and delivers the most amazing mid/late 90`s emo / screamo. Been releasing records in various formats on well reputed labels(Ape must not kill ape, Release the bats, Asymmetrie) since then. During the years they have toured both the US and Europe.



Weird band/artist name, a bit short most of you would say. But a T looks nice doesnÂŽt it? Electro indiepop from France. Thomas is amazing, a true talent! I could ask him to make a song in whatever style possible and I know that he would amaze me!

Releases on Black star Foundation:
S/t CD (2008)

The Book of Daniel

How does someone so young get to sounding so old? The Book of DanielÂŽs Daniel Gustasson is that kind of guy: old before his time. The music he creates is heavy with the kind of poetry and wisdom that one usually associates with age and experience. ItÂŽs as if heÂŽs a relic of an entirely different era."

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Songs for the locust king CD (CD 2006)
Death caps & moonshine CDep (2007)

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the Preacher & the Bear

Elin Piel and Fredrik Pettersson started playing together in 2008. When deciding on their sound their diverse background in music somehow led them into the wonderful world of americana-, folk- and countrymusic.
In may of 2009 the Preacher & the Bear had their first show and it was then that Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) discovered the duos unique dynamic and melodies. Since then the Preacher & the Bear has had a continuous collaboration with Ebbot Lundberg and he is also one of the producers and additional musicians on the album. In spring 2010 Ebbot Lundberg played the Preacher & the Bear on Swedish radio. When asked to describe the band Ebbot Lundberg said that their music sounds like a mix between Nick Drake and early Simon and Garfunkel.

Tias Carlson

Excellent singer/songwriter music from Malmö/ Sweden. Since the album ”what I have gathered from coincidence” came out Tias has toured alot, sometimes only him and his guitar and sometimes with full band.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
What I have gathered from coincidence (CD 2005)

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YERSINIA is what you get when you let some Swedes, force-fed on
indigenous black metal, death metal and crust, play metalcore. While
staying true to some of the genres` defining elements, YERSINIA ups
the ante with more dissonance, more speed, and not a single moment of
playing to the gallery. Lyrically, this is not another bland
three-word band, but one that uses every single line to express
something - in their native tongue. The use of the wordplay of 19th
century Swedish poetry, this is definitely something that, combined
with the extraordinary violent music, won`t leave anyone unaffected.




Abandon was a five- piece political sludge-metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden coping with the pain of life and the sickness of mankind and modern society. The band themselfes describes their music as a result of the continuous encounters between agression, despair, sadness and pure anger. Lyrics deals with the Abandon- families lives, experiences, struggles in its various states of mind.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
The DEAD END (2 x CD 2009)
In reality we suffer (CD 2005)
When it falls apart (CD 2003)


Angry People Federation

The band Outstand came from my hometown VÀnersborg, i loved them, especially Mattias Foldemarks voice. His lyrics made such a big impact on me, couldnŽt believe that it was possible to fill so much political content into rock songs. The Outstand could have made it big, but i guess they were way before their time back then. When they split up some of the people from the band started acts such as Division of laura lee and Sparks of seven. Mattias moved to Jönköping in Sweden and after some time I got to know that he had started a new band. Their debut EP feels both nostalgic and pure fresh for me...

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Tragedy in the blood (CD EP 2006/07) never got released, this since the band split up.


Children of Fall

We donÂŽt ride with chaos, chaos rides with us!
This was their slogan, and sure they did what it says.. I never heard about any other band having more bad luck with vehicles, as a reminder, their first cd in the year 2000 was called ”Riding a broken vehicle”. Car brakedowns, and even burning cars on almost every tour they did. Children Of Fall played about 420 live shows during their six years of existance. They toured almost every European country possible, They even went to Russia twice... This band did what D.I.Y is all about. It didn®t matter if it was 15 or 2000 people at their shows, they just gave everything they had, a real emotional output.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Split EP w. Nikad (CD 2004)

Other releases:
Bonjour tristesse (CD/LP 2005 Day after rec)
Ignition for poor hearts (CD/LP 2002 Scenepolice in Europe & Acclaim in Japan)
Riding a broken vehicle (CD/LP 2000 Genet rec)


In Ruins Of

In Ruins of were from GĂ€vle in Sweden, Peter (aka Pekka) used to play guitar in Children of fall, Johan plays in Swedish band Incognito pop, Reitan used to play in a crust band called Shitstorm, AnnSofie played the bass in Leiah and Daniel (aka Blobben) played in Abegail. Their first release was released by us in 7" format, that record is also available in cd format from the Italian label better days are gone. In Ruins of played totally amazing punky and chaotic hardcore and their live appearances really blew me away!

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Selftitled 7" (2003)



Emo pioneerÂŽs from Eskilstuna, Sweden. Been around for a real long time now. Released their first cdep on Kasual rec, after that "some stories we trust" came out on b.s.f and now their fullength record is finally out. Catch this band on the road, theyÂŽre worth it.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Some stories we trust (CD EP 2004)
Split 7" w. Postman (2002)

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Modesty have only recorded one seveninch so far, and iÂŽm really hoping that they will do some more recordings than that. One of my all time favorite bands. Cool emo rock with brilliant groovy beats!

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Thank you for smoking (7" 2001)


Neverending... is a five piece from Malmö Sweden, this band has really been around for a while. So far different releases on different labels. And thatŽs the way itŽs going to continue. Swinging emo-hardcore music, cool beats that even makes the hardest machoguys dance like maniacs.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Split 7" w. The Jukebox scenario (2002)


From Zagreb in Croatia, the most intense screamo band ever. They did one fullength, one split with Children of fall, and a couple of demos. Toured alot and were asked to do a full america tour before they sadly split up.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Split EP w. Children of fall (CD EP 2004)

Other releases:


Plastic Pride

Plastic Pride came from UmeÄ in Sweden. They recorded some amazing records for Desperate fight rec, toured their asses of and released their latest release "Ammunition spent" on Black star foundation before they split up. Today members can be found in Khoma and Cult Of Luna.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Ammunition spent LP (2001)


Came from Malmö in Sweden. Because of travelling and studies the band are no longer. They recorded for this split 7" and for some comps, thats all.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Split 7" w. Jettie (2002)

Radio Free Isaac

Instrumental post rock, dynamic soundlandscapes that takes music somewhere new. Exellent drumming by Neven from Nikad. This band really did something new. They splitted up, changed some members and are now called D.M.W.T.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Broken hearts and other mortal wounds (CD 2004)

Set My Path

My favourite political metal straight-edge band coming from Gothenburg in Sweden. Think they®ve been around for about eight years now. They®ve so far released their songs on various complilations and on a split 7” with Darkest hour.

Releases on Black star Foundation:
The Mechanics of freedom CD (will not be released since the band split up, some SMP members are now in the Swedish SXE band Anchor)


The [jukebox] scenario

Dc-sounding screamo rock from Magdeburg, Germany. Recorded all of their songs in their rehearsalroom, and how cool isnÂŽt that!

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Split 7" with Neverending... (2002)

Tiger Lou

You already know all about him, donÂŽt you?

Releases on Black star Foundation:
Last night they had to carry me home 7" (2005)
Gone Drifting 7" (2004)
Second time around 7" (2002)

Other releases:
Plenty, most of them on Startracks.

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