Last BSF release ever! - 2014-10-10

So, this feels exiting, but then also a bit odd - 2014-08-26
We are about to release our final release. Yes, the lucky number 57.
This is a split 7 inch by two of my favorite bands, both musically and to work with. Idle Class and Fights And Fires gives us 2 songs each. And what songs!!!! The artwork / screen printing and packaging is done by Josua Rieber over at Homesick design and is so damn beautiful. Each cover is hand printed and therefor looks a bit different / exclusive from another. The 7 inch will be printed on see through transparent vinyl with wine red splatter effect. The releasedate is set to the 10th of october, but you are already now able to pre-order your copy from our bandcamp page. Please follow the link below to order / pre listen to some of the songs, or watch some great pics how the incredible artwork looks like.

That being said. Thanks to all of you supporting this small Swedish punk label over the years! You are many to mention! All the bands, Cargo records, Sound Pollution, Uncle-M, Moka inc, Refuse records... and the list continues...
Every order through our webshop or selling records at shows meant the world to me(us). All great chats, shows, friends and also the hard work and struggle gave back so much more than I could ever imagine when starting all this in the late 90s

We will still keep the webpage going, our bandcamp site and facebook as well. We will continue to sell our already released records until they are gone. But from now on there will be no new releases from BSF.

Love. Peace & Anarchy. Let the struggle continue! Lets keep this music scene as a plattform for good communication. A platform to break societys norms and values. Lets continue to stay positive.
Pro-Feminist – Animal-Friendly – Anti-Fascist – Gay-Positive!
Emil / BSF August 2014

Follow this link to our BANDCAMP

Crooked Letter 7" available to order - 2014-06-19
Order it from our BANDCAMP page

ABANDON "In Reality We Suffer" 2xVinyl version - 2014-06-19
This masterpiece is finally available in Vinyl format! 2x 180gr LP in a Gatefold sleeve, comes together with a A3 poster.
You are able to order it from our BANDCAMP page

Crooked Letter. New 7inch in the works - 2014-04-07
I guess the Gävle / Sandviken sound/scene always made a huge impact on me... Playing there with Children Of Fall was always very special and Im fortunate to somehow been at least a little a part of one of the most living alternative music scenes here in Sweden. Being blessed to work with Thomas and David when they played in Meleeh and also Daniel when he was in In Ruins Of, no one got happier than me when I got to hear that they had a new band going on! As all of you know I have a very weak spot for mid/late 90s emo-rock, and as now when its so nicely packaged together with the best of attitudes and politics, who can resist it?!?! at least not me...

PLEASE CHECK OUT Crooked Letter!!!! Black star foundation will release their brand new 7" vinyl in the end of May

THE WAY THEY RUN - SAFE HAVEN - available now! - 2013-10-17
available to purchase from our bandcamp site

THE WAY THE RUN - New video for the song BETWEEN WAGES - 2013-10-02

The Way They Run - Between Wages from Niclas Lindahl on Vimeo.

Fights and Fires tour starts tonight - 2013-09-25
Fights and Fires on tour:

25.09 BE Brussel @ DNA
26.09 FR Strasbourg @ Le MolodoĂŻ
27.09 FR/ Besancon @ Le Maquis w/Wake The Dead
28.09 FR Lyon @ Warmaudio
29.09 FR Clermont Ferrand @ Houseshow (please get in touch with or Loren Another Day on Fb)
01.10 FR Tarbes @ Celtic Pub
02.10 FR Bordeaux @ L Antidote
03.10 FR PĂ©rigueux @ Les Toques
05.10 DE Stuttgart @ Wagenhallen w/Boysetsfire **SOLD OUT**
06.10 DE Hamburg @ Markthalle w/Boysetsfire **SOLD OUT**
07.10 BE Liege @ Carlo Levi

The Way The Run pre-orders - 2013-09-20
You are now able to pre-order your copy of the upcoming The Way They Run 7inch
Please go to our bandcamp site to do so.
Thank you so much!

Idle Class - The Dramas Done - teaser - 2013-04-18

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